Barrio Santo is a Barcelona based brand, designing fashion for those who ask for more than just simple garments, those who look for clothes that match their attitude and values.

Barrio Santo is a brand with a voice, a brand with something to say, blending sharp looks, subtle provocation with sustainable fashion.

Barrio Santo.

We know what we want.

Always non conformists.

Going our own way since 2005.
Barrio Santo was born in 2005, our strong designs soon established our brand as one of Barcelona’s cult menswear labels. In 2010 the label integrated a consortium formed by successful producers, fashion consultants and brand builders in order to fully take advantage of its great potential.

The base for Barrio Santo’s rapid expansion is its ambitious international team. We do not only have solid experience in the fashion business, be it in design, production, marketing or sales but we also speak around 10 languages on a daily basis in our headquarters. The idea to go beyond fashion, to design thinking about what really matters in this world is what has brought us together and what has been the driving force of this project since day one.
Barrio Santo is a responsible company. This means: No bad production conditions, ever. Manufacturing in Europe. A growing part of the collection with organic fabrics. Packaging and transport optimization. Donation of 5% of the benefits. Corporate social responsibility.

Everything is produced in Portugal. Our main producer is also the partner in our company, this vertical integrated production offers us better prices, shorter lead times and the best quality.

In short, we are doing what we are best at, building a successful global brand and using fashion as a vector of communication for our strong values.

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